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The most obvious sign of the Group’s diversity is the branding of its operating companies. ThiessJohn HollandLeighton ContractorsLeighton Properties, Pacific Partnerships and Leighton Asia, India and Offshore have distinct identities in the market place and compete in some markets. We also hold a 45% stake in the Middle East-based Habtoor Leighton Group.

While not a textbook structure, the diversity of the Group’s brands allows each to develop its own niche positions. Thiess is the pre-eminent contract miner in Australia and Indonesia while Leighton Contractors is recognised as Australia’s leading service provider to the telecommunications industry. John Holland has forged a strong position in the Australian rail sector while Leighton Asia has an established presence across Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Like the industries and economies they operate in, Group companies also have their own cycles of growth and maturity. Each has a unique corporate culture and a depth of management that supports autonomy and competition across a variety of markets. The companies offer a total value-added service to clients supported by the financial strength of the Group.

Each maintains individual identities in the marketplace and has its own advisory board or management committee and distinct corporate culture. Each company has a high level of autonomy and responsibility, and each is encouraged to develop its own markets and client relationships.

In 2002, Leighton Asia was restructured into two companies, Leighton Asia  (Sourthern) and Leighton Asia (Northern). Since then, however, both companies have experienced considerable growth - finanancially and geographically - and the names no longer represent their operational footprints. The companies were renamed Leighton International and Leighton Asia respectively in 2007, and recombined as Leighton Asia, India and Offshore.

In 2009, Al Habtoor Leighton Group was established to be a leading multi-disciplined contractor in the Middle East and North Africa. The Habtoor Leighton brand combines the international experience of the Leighton Group with the extensive local experience of Al Habtoor Engineering, and has built an impressive track record in delivering iconic building projects across the Middle East.

Today, the Leighton Group is the world’s largest contract miner and the 11th* largest global contractor.

The Groups’ unique structure is based on a flexible corporate approach that allows it to adapt to changing market conditions whenever necessary.

* Engineering News Record, 16/23 December 2013.
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