RG Tanna Wharf Extension

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Central Queensland Ports Authority
Project dates
Apr 2006 - Aug 2007
Contract type
Construct only
$128 million (at 30 June 2007)
Group Company
John Holland
Project details

John Holland was awarded the expansion works to Berth 4 at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal located in Gladstone, Queensland.  The RG Tanna Wharf Extension project is one of the largest capital works undertaken by the Central Queensland Port Authority, and one of the largest structural mechanical process programs running in Australia.

John Holland's scope of works for the RG Tanna Whaf extension included:

Berth 4 Early Works Package
  • steel fabrication for a 350m wharf extension and widening of existing berths for a new conveyor and a new jetty approach
  • 1.3km of onshore conveyor to deliver coal over the new approach jetty and picking up coal from all stockpiles, and
  • the supply, fabrication, protective coating, delivery and unloading at site of fabricated steelwork.
Berth 4 Expansion Works for RG Tanna Coal Terminal - Stages 1 & 2
  • construction of new approach jetty and new substructure for transfer tower and sample plant
  • landward extension of existing steel grid wharf between bents 35 - 101 to support a new conveyor, associated walkways and a new roadway along the back of existing Berths 2 and 3 (also continuing along Berth 4)
  • construction of new substation, first 100m of wharf extenstion of Berth 4, and 2 additional independent berthing dolphins
  • installation of fenders, frontal frames, and mooring hooks, and
  • supply and installation of all wharf services, furniture and electrical works.
 Berth 4 Expansion Works for RG Tanna Coal Terminal - Stage 3
  • construction of remainder of Berth 4, a further 5 berthing dolphins and 3 mooring dolphins
  • installation of fenders, frontal frames and mooring hooks
  • supply and installation of all wharf services, furniture and electrical works, and
  • complete mechanical installation and commissioning of new wharf conveyor.

The expansion of the RG Tanna Coal Terminal saw the outloading capacity of the facility increase by more than 50% from 40 million tonnes to around 65 million tonnes of coal each year.


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